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how to care for your artwork


Thank for purchasing one of my Stretched Canvas Prints, Framed Art Prints, Frameless Acrylic Prints, or Original Artworks.

As a practising Artist, it brings me great pleasure in knowing that something I have created can have a positive impact on your life or perfectly accent your home or business. I am proud that NONE of my products are mass produced by keeping prints available as LIMITED EDITION ONLY, and as such, they need to be treated kindly. Proper care is essential to ensuring that your Artwork retains its beauty and value. These recommendations are intended to assist you and are based on our experience and judgment but must not be regarded as amounting to a legal warranty or liability on our part.

how do i clean my artwork?

Cleaning art is pretty simple. Dust it. Keep it dry. Avoid putting water on the surface of any painting, unless you know the medium and finish.

Microfibre cloths or feather dusters are great at removing dust and dirt. When cleaning a glass-covered picture, don’t spray directly onto the glass, spray the dust cloth and then clean the glass.

If the painting has been sealed with varnish you are able to gently brush off dust and marks with a damp cloth when necessary, without damaging the acrylic.

If the painting is not too fragile, you can carefully take it off the wall and turn it upside down to dislodge dust built up on the top of the artwork or back of the frame.


give your art good light!

Get the light right and your art will stay beautiful for many decades, perhaps centuries. It’s important to hang art where it looks arresting but without direct sunlight, as UV rays cause serious deterioration – place paintings next to a window instead of directly in front.

The ideal lighting is a diffused natural or artificial lighting. The worst is intense, direct sunlight and heat. Exposing a painting to this over a long period will dull the hue, disturb the balance of colours and cause the paint to become brittle and crack and sometimes even flake off.


give your art a stable environment!

Art needs a stable climate. Avoid hanging paintings directly above heat sources, which can cause paintings to warp. Also avoid hanging art in rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, which can be damp or humid and cause mould to grow. If you live somewhere humid, leave tubs of damp-rid out to help reduce extra moisture (it’ll help your furniture too). Moisture and heat are the enemy of an artwork’s longevity.

Cosy nooks are too beautiful to leave empty. Often the fireplace is ornamental so there’s no cause for concern, but if you light a fire, check the temperature at painting height (remove if hot to touch) and make sure the painting is not exposed to smoke.

hang it securely!

Screws in the wall are the only way to go. I know what you’re thinking. Why drill a hole in my wall when I can just get a double-sided adhesive hook from the local supermarket … or two hooks for good measure? Well, ever been woken up by the sound of a painting crashing on the floor in the middle of the night? I have.

As an Artist, I should not be guilty of such stupidity, let alone admit to it, but I’d just moved into a new home and it was only meant to be temporary. Duly chastened, and luckily with no damage to painting or child, all my art at home is now properly hung. Inevitably all adhesive hooks lose their grip and fall. Ask any picture framer and they will tell you that it’s the number one culprit for smashed frames.

HANGING TIP: Aim to have the centre of the painting at eye level.


acrylic prints

Use the hooks provided to hang your acrylic print. (please use all hooks that are provided).

Use a soft damp cloth to clean your acrylic

DO NOT allow excessive heat or sunlight hit the acrylic mounting as this will cause defects in the acrylic
DO NOT hang your acrylic outdoors
DO NOT bend the acrylic mounting or frame as this will cause bubbles
DO NOT place pressure on the acrylic mounting if not on the wall
DO NOT modify or alter the acrylic in any way


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